will help you restore the data lost. But having them will not secure or guarantee that all the lost data will be recoverable especially if the damage is extremely big. How will you know that you are having data loss on your unit? Then, there will be errors that the system will report you. It could be one of the following you are familiar with: - BIOS cannot detect the hard disk drive - Operating system not found error - No disk drive found error - Strange clicking or grinding noises from hard disk drive - Abnormal spinning action of the disk drive - Missing folders or files without you knowing the reason - System prompting you to reformat your device - CRC IO error - System becomes hang - Garbage characters appear With data recovery as the process of gaining your files back, do not hesitate to have Tampa Data Recovery be of help for you. There is also Data Recovery in Philadelphia that will fight for you against data loss. Data recovery has four phases which you should be aware of. You are not required to know it all for you may not be one of the people that will just solve the problem of data loss on their own. The four phases are: - Repair the hard drive so it is running in some form - Image the drive to a new drive - Files, partition, MBR, & MFT - Repair the files that were damaged Many people can help you with your problem with data loss. If you do not trust yourself that much to give remedy to your problem, then go ask them. They are most willing to help you depending on what they want something in return. Just remember that being very extra careful is one of the good solutions to it.